Somerville Style

It seems wrong to start a street style blog about Somerville with pictures from Europe, but I was recently in Paris and Istanbul and got a massive impulse to document the intriguing people around me. I’m interested in style as a social signifier, as a way of writing on the body.

For me, our various decorations can be a feminist palette and I’m hoping to snap images of people who I think are communicating about themselves (in more or less overt ways). So, here goes!

Walking the streets of Paris

Bikes and heels

Ugh, this shop girl was killing me with the overalls and red shoes.

Polka dots young and old

Creepin on creepers


The platonic ideal of the Parisian cafe lunch

Modern family.

Head to toe seersucker

I wanna be in yr girl gang

If David Bowie were a cartoon decorating a child’s nursery…


In line outside the Louvre

Heidi braids, Robyn sneakers, perfect.

Beauty outside the Centre Pompidou

Skater girls

Overall obsession at the flea market



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